Dark Roasted

Arabic Taste

Coffes was found in Africa and then spread to Yemen which was an Ottoman Empire territory. Then, it was brought to Istanbul where was the capital city of the Ottoman Empire and trade center of its time. Turkish people developed a new way to roast and grind the coffee beans and therefore, Turkish Coffee has its unique taste and flavor. This was when Kanuni Sultan Suleyman -Suleyman the magnificent- was the ruler and Ottoman Empire was in its golden age. Venetian traders were the first one who took Turkish coffee to Italy and this was when Europe met with coffee.


'Traditional' one is especially designed for soft coffee lovers.

Ottoman Gourmet is proud to serve the old taste Europe's first coffee to the World again. Ottoman Gourmet process the best selected coffee beans by roasting it to nearly 200° C and then grind these diamond coffees until it becomes a very fine powder with its unique grinding process. Turkish Coffee has affected Mediterranean cultures so much that you can even see as followings; -In Turkey, breakfast is called 'Kahvalti' meaning that before coffee and also color brown is called 'Kahverengi' -coffee color-. -Turkish Coffee is still used and famous in Albania, Arab World, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Crotia, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Iran, Israel, Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia. Ottoman Gourmet Turkish Coffee comes with three options in order to attract different tastes.


Dark Roasted’ has a stronger taste.

This one is specially created for the Arab Taste.  It is flavored with Cardamon.

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